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Why Design Bits for your brand identity?

Your brand identity is the culmination of all the elements you use to market and communicate your brand. From logo design or redesign, corporate identity design, corporate uniforms and collateral development, to new product launches, our team’s experience and knowledge in combination with creativity and forward thinking will help your brand redefine its image and positioning on the marketplace. It's a way of defining your company to yourself, employees, your customers and other external parties.

An effective brand identity helps identify your goods and services as being made or provided by you, differentiating you from your competition.

Brand Identity

Success in business is built upon effective communication.

  • Creative Design
  • Graphic design
  • Tagline
  • Logo
  • brand guide book

Promotional & Merchandise Identity

Marketing identity materials - Brochure, Business cards, Flyers, Catalog, Corporate & Company profile
Stationery identity – Office pens, letterheads, Envelopes, Stickers Custom Made Merchandise identity - Bags, Boodies, T-shirts, Polo shirts, Protective gear, Reflectors, Caps, Jackets, Sweat pants

Digital brand identity

Roadmap to success in today's changing environment is clear.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Website design
  • App design
  • Social media design & marketing


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